Phase 2: Indexical Permutations
(after ‘The Key Game’)

October 28, 2013

In the second phase, titled Indexical Permutations (after ‘The Key Game’) (2009), the collaborators examined and reprocessed the movement and sound material from the the first dance in the series. By doing so, they emptied the dance of its original content and created a fragmented and abstract memorial to the dance which preceded it. The audience encounters a work divorced from its initial context and displaced from its original chronology, thereby reflecting how individuals encounter traces of the past.

Premiere: The Wooden Floor (formerly Saint Joseph Ballet) (2009). Additional performances: Commuter Festival, California Institute for the Arts (2009); Loyola Marymount University, Strub Theatre (2012).


Indexical Permutations (after ‘The Key Game’) (2009), composed by Douglas C. Wadle. Sound-score for Indexical Permutations (after ‘The Key Game’), a dance/theater work choreographed by Kristen Smiarowski (2009).

Process Notes

These graphs are part of several chance operation methods used to create the choreography and sound for Indexical Permutations. They represent movement data collected from The Key Game (phase 1 of THE KEY GAME PROJECT). This “bean counting” focused solely on underlying movement principles, thereby emptying the first dance of its narrative content.

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