Phase 3: Sleep, Staring, Well

October 28, 2013

Sleep, Staring, Well is the third phase of THE KEY GAME PROJECT. It is a site-adaptive, multimedia performance event and installation about the construction of cultural memory. Audience members experience Sleep, Staring, Well on foot. As they walk through the performance space, they encounter a variety of media and modes of engagement, including live dance, soundscapes, music, video, verbal imagery and art objects. Interactive spaces invite attendees to respond to what they have witnessed. Events take place simultaneously and in specific sequences. Like moments in history, attendees make choices: one is not forced to see it all, nor can they.

This project is a collaborative effort between Smiarowski, Berlin-based dancer Arianne Hoffmann, composer and visual artist Douglas C. Wadle, video artists Ann Kaneko and Andrea Keiz, archivist Kathy Carbone and set designer Caitlin Lainoff. Archival materials from The Key Game and Indexical Permutations are curated alongside new work by Smiarowski and her collaborators.

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Sleep, Staring, Well is currently in production and premieres at Automata in January 2014.

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In Advance of the Archive (2013), composed by Douglas C. Wadle. Soundscape segment from Sleep, Staring, Well (2013), choreographed and directed by Kristen Smiarowski.

Process Notes

Segments of Sleep, Staring, Well are performed for live audiences in Berlin and Los Angeles. Viewers become active participants in shaping the work by sharing their remembrances of what they just witnessed.

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